Pond Resources

Pondscapes of Charlotte is an active member of Aquascapes Inc. “Water Garden Excellence Program” and has a hands-on approach regarding information on all of these site.

aquascapesThis water gardening magazine was designed to educate the public through free information on ponds and water gardens, and to promote the natural “balanced ecosystem” method of pond building. Pondscapes of Charlotte Magazine will answer all your water gardening questions. Pondscapes of Charlotte is proud to be Charlotte’s first Master Certified Aquascape Contractor.


Ponds-for-Kids-logo07This is the official website for the North American Water Garden Society Pondscapes of Charlotte is an active member and participates in the Ponds for Kids Program, and the North American Parade of Ponds.Information on clubs and pond keeping are available, in addition to resources to help water gardeners everywhere. Visit www.nawgs.org



koi_pondfish_health_information_headerI am a practicing koi & pond fish veterinarian, and the author of two koi and goldfish health books as well as a feature-length video on fish diseases and health. I have been keeping koi and pond fish since 1973 and I am pleased to bring you a web site, www.koivet.com, full of information based on research and experience.Pondscapes of Charlotte’s construction crew built my state-of-the-art koi pond in Blue Ridge, Georgia.Take a look! – Dr. Erik Johnson


blueBlue Max Materials offers a diverse selection of stone material. Stop by their Westinghouse location and visit their outdoor living design center to view two our custom water features.


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