Pond Maintenance and Being a VIP Member

VIP Pond Maintenance

Pondscapes of Charlotte loves pond maintenance! Over the years Pondscapes of Charlotte has been able to grow and develop connections with it’s customers that go far beyond any normal homeowner landscaper relationship. We have done this by providing excellent customer service and becoming partners with our customers. The majority of our customers who have been with us for years are monthly or quarterly VIP members. VIP members receive benefits that are not available to everyone. This includes first class service from our most experienced technician, Ken Walls.


This past year we assigned Ken Walls to exclusively work with our VIP members. We believe this is of great value, and will give Ken more time to handle our VIPs. Pondscapes of Charlotte has come a long way since it was founded in 2002 and there is no doubt that our VIP members are the heart and soul of this organization! We love hearing stories from Ken in the morning, about our VIP’s ponds! We ask him things like… how are Kurtz’s Lilies doing? or what’s going on with Hobart’s koi? or how do Wheeless’s flowers look? Everyone here at Pondscapes takes tremendous pride in our VIPs ponds.

Once you become a VIP member we feel responsible for keeping your pond looking great year round. We also want to develop a honest meaningful relationship that will continue for years on end. Pond maintenance is an important part of every water garden. Properly maintaining a pond, can be the difference between having a beautiful pond and one that is overgrown and unkept. So i’d like to just give a quick shout-out to all of our VIP members and thank them for inviting us into your yards every month!

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If you currently are a VIP member and you haven’t joined our exclusive VIP Facebook group yet please request to join! You can do this by searching for the group “VIP Pondscapes of Charlotte”. You can also click on this link https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIPMembersPOC/ and request to join!

If you are not a VIP member and would like to know more about our company you can always visit our regular Facebook page which is free for everyone to access! https://www.facebook.com/PondscapesofCLT/