Below are some of the most frequently asked questions at Pondscapes of Charlotte. If you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 704.400.6864 or click here to contact us.

How do I pay online?

Starting at the pondscapesofcharlotte.com homepage. Hover your cursor over the “Services” option in the top right corner. Click on “Payment Forms” and select the appropriate form. Fill out your information and submit!

What is the best advice you can give when having a water feature installed?

Do your homework. Check references with those who have had their water feature installed over two years ago. Make sure the company can see your vision.

What is the best way to choose a Water Feature installer?

Our experience leads us to believe the best way to choose a water feature installer is through referrals. Let’s face it–the business person you’re talking to is probably trying to sell you something. Referrals have no ulterior motive–they’ll just tell the truth . . . And keep in mind that everyone believes their water feature looks great the first few months after it is completed. The key is, do they still like that company one year later? If possible, references of one year since installation are recommended.

What does a water feature cost?

Bubbling rocks and urns start at $1,500. Pondless waterfalls start at $4,500. Ecosystem ponds start at $5,500. Tell us what you would like to invest and we will design a feature to not exceed your investment options.

How much maintenance is involved?

There are basically two types of features, water gardens and pondless features. One of the first questions Pondscapes of Charlotte will ask you is: Are you a gardener? If the answer is “no,” we recommendation you get a pondless feature or a pond and let us service it for you. Water gardens are just that, gardens. They need tending just like your flower garden, rose garden or vegetable garden. Nothing can replace the joy of watching fish as they grow and frolic in your pond, but both features are extremely enjoyable.

What is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor?

  • QUALITY – Aquascape Designs has a rigorous quality control program for Master CACs.
  • CONTINUING EDUCATION – There are many opportunities for CACs to improve their pond building skills or business skills. We are required to have a minimum number of class hours to maintain our Master  CAC status. A one- or two-day class does not make a quality pond installer.
  • KNOWLEDGE – A Master CAC has the knowledge to answer any question about Aquascape products.
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE – A top priority! Review board acts on customer complaints.
  • DEDICATION – These contractors are established pond building professionals.
  • Master CACs are among the most elite water contractors in the country, with very few being awarded this honor. Master CACs are required to maintain a record of outstanding work and customer service. By choosing a Master CAC, you can be reassured that you are choosing the most qualified water garden professional


How do we get started?

You can call us at (704) 400-6864 or click here and fill out the Contact Us page.

We will make an appointment with you and your spouse to discuss the design and installation of your feature. We will design a one-of-a-kind, custom creation that fits your space and investment options–like only Pondscapes of Charlotte can. We will also answer any questions you may have at that time. The cost of the options design consultation is $125; however, if you choose to have Pondscapes of Charlotte install your feature, you will receive a credit for the charge. At the time of the design consultation, we will give you a price quote for your feature.

Because of the demand for Pondscapes of Charlotte water features, at certain times of the year we may be booked a few months out. Your patience is appreciated–and remember, there is a reason we are booked so far out!