Building a Water Feature (Part 1)

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It’s not necessarily always a mystery that Dave and his crew turn boring patches of land into stunning and tranquil water features. It definitely takes a lot of work. What happens in between the start and finish can sometimes be a blur so we hung out at a job site throughout the course of the build to document every step along the way.


This is what we start out with. A wall of dirt. It almost seems unfeasible when you think about the task Pondscapes has before them. Create a natural and peaceful pondless waterfall from this? Where do they even start?


By digging of course. With the help of a Bobcat, Dave starts digging away. With the outline of the feature in mind, the crew digs into the wall and hauling away the dirt to make room for the sea of rocks that will be moving in.


Now comes the waterfall’s liner. The guys help fine tune the shape of the falls by shoveling dirt under the liner and figuring out where exactly the rocks should be placed…


…with the help of the Bobcat for some of those larger rocks.


Dave’s eye for perfect rock placement is vital for the perfect pond. He is able to see the feature before the first scoop of dirt and knows exactly how to get it right the first time.

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