The Art of Rock Balancing

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Rock balancing is a natural form of performance art that commonly takes place around water features. It involves solely rocks and boulders while unnatural forms of support are not permitted. It can also be a therapeutic technique to calm a person. Brad, a Pondscapes of Charlotte employee says, “It is a great way to clear my mind from all of the day to day stresses and just become focused on one thing… balance.”


There are four main styles of rock balancing. The first is balanced stacking. This involves placing flat rocks on top of one another to get the tower as tall as possible. The second is counterbalance where the heavier rocks are placed near the top to keep the lower rocks in their place. Another style is free style which involves a mix of balanced stacking and counterbalancing. Lastly, the pure balance style is placing rocks on a near-point balance.


Many artists use rock balancing to create sculptures while others use it to focus and relax. You can make stunning creations by your own pond using these styles and techniques. Brad says rock balancing is as difficult as you make it. “It takes some practice to get the hang of trickier styles. The key is to pick the right type of rocks.” Try it out and send us some of your best at info@pondscapesofcharlotte or on our Facebook page and we will feature your creations!

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