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DSC_0043Pondscapes of Charlotte is a local company that has specialized in koi pond maintenance and water feature installations. The company is a Master Certified Aquascape Contractor and won CAC of the year in 2016. We use exclusively Aquascape products. Pondscapes was founded by Dave Blocksom in 2002. There is a strong affinity between rock and water, and creating a successful partnership between these two elements is one of the most challenging yet rewarding tasks we embrace in water feature design and construction. At Pondscapes of Charlotte, we have sought out special individuals who love what they do and have a passion for creating these features in every type of space, from small city rooftops to large country gardens.



Koi Pond Maintenance and Our VIP Members


We cover all types of maintenance on water features. Whether you have a small fountain or a large koi pond, want us to come out once a year or 12 times a year we have the right maintenance program for you!

VIP Members Program
Pond Maintenance for Water-feature owners all over Charlotte, North Carolina is performed by Ken Walls

Pond Maintenance for our VIP members is performed by Ken Walls who is also our most experienced employee with over 10 years of experience!

For people who want top notch consistent maintenance we recommend looking into our VIP members program. VIP members include only monthly and quarterly customers. Being a VIP member gets you special benefits and perks.  For more information on being a VIP member check out this blog https://www.pondscapesofcharlotte.com/pond-maintenance-vip-member you can also give us a call at 704-400-6864.

One of the most exciting perks that come along with being a VIP member with Pondscapes of Charlotte is the access to our closed VIP Facebook group. Here you will find a community of pond and water feature owners who are all VIP members with us. The page is a safe place to post pictures of your water feature, ask questions for the pros, and connect with other water gardening enthusiast in the local area! Who knows your pond might even get featured in the weeks #VIPSpotlight or #waterfeatureWednesday. If you are already a VIP member but have not joined the Facebook group please click on the leak and request to join! https://www.facebook.com/groups/VIPMembersPOC/

Other Forms of Koi Pond & Water Feature Maintenance
Removing leaves during pond clean-out

Vincente removing fallen leaves from pond. Click on picture to find out more about Spring clean-outs!

If you decide not to join our VIP members program there is another great option for maintaining your koi pond or fountain. You can always request to join our Spring and Fall mailing list. There is no cost or commitment to join the list! By joining you will receive a notification via email and mail twice a year. The mailing, notifies you it’s time for either a spring clean-out or fall netting and filter clean.  This option is great for pond owners in Charlotte who prefer to do some of the water gardening work themselves. Give us a call! 704-400-6864

Koi Pond & Water-feature Installation

Our goal as a company is not to just install ponds and water-features for our customers, we want to build lifestyles for people. Deciding on installing a water garden in your landscape is a big step towards living what we call the pond life. A water garden can be a place that you and your family can go that takes away the stresses of life, and gives you an opportunity to be outside and bond through a common interest. It will literally change the way you unwind at the end of the day. Most people like to sit outside by their pond early in the morning or after a long day and just unwind as they listen to the sound of the water fall over the rocks.

For those who love the hobby of water gardening it may be very relaxing to maintain your pond yourself. This is what our employees love to do and some of our customers as well! Our VIP Service technicians can always do the maintenance for you if you’d like!

Koi Pond & Stream Installation by Pondscapes of Charlotte

Pond maintenance can be performed by Pondscapes of Charlotte if desired

The types of water-features we install are of course ponds, pondless waterfalls, and decorative fountains. If you are interested in living the pond life and improving your lifestyle give us a call! 704-681-2295

Let us create a paradise for you!

Awards & Accolades

Pond Services


Award winning pond design services in the Carolinas and throughout the United States.


Seminars and free educational appearances in an effort to encourage the water gardening lifestyle.


Pond & pondless consulting services for the do-it-yourselfer to the large scale landscape contractor.

365 Day Pond Tour

Visit water our feature installations that are available for viewing at any time, 24/7.

Pond maintenance in the Spring

Pond Maintenance

Pondscapes offers a variety of maintenance plans which all include a yearly clean-out of your pond.


As one of the only Master Certified Aquascape Contractors in the United States we build ponds and pondless waterfalls of every size.

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